I don’t know about you, but as I ransack the wardrobe for the items of clothing I fondly think of as my “Autumn Collection”, it’s hard not to think about the privatisation of public spaces. It’s probably been at least a year since people started kicking off on my local residents’ Facebook group about the […]

Just a quick suggestion

What about if they changed the word “austerity” for a more honest word like “pinchsqueezery” and admitted that the word “austerity” works far better as a posh girls name (cf Austerity Ricketts-Smythe)? Let me know your thoughts.

Socius Maximus

Running out of money? Here are some things that may have been suggested by your well-intentioned friends and colleagues: Make a packed lunch to take to work. How can you justify buying a sandwich if you’re worried about making your next rent and council tax payments? Don’t drink in pubs. You’ll end up having to […]

Tastes of Oppression

I’m thinking on my feet with this one. What I’d like to do is highlight a link between body hair, sexual submissiveness and recycling. Maybe that link is already straightforwardly obvious? Just in case it isn’t, I shall elaborate. I read an article in Vice a while ago by a woman who was reconciling her […]

Dangerous raisons

This isn’t going to have much to do with raisins the fruit, natures candies though they are. There are very few ways you can make a raisin dangerous. Maybe jamming loads of them into someone’s mouth while they sleep, but then it’s probably you that’s dangerous, not the raisins. Nor is it going to be a […]


This is more of a disclaimer than a blog post. Which the online etymology dictionary (disclaimer: it’s a bit shit) tells us is a word that has it’s roots c. 1400, in the Anglo-French disclaimer, Old French desclamer “disclaim, disavow,” from des- or dis- (from Old French des- or directly from Latin dis- “apart, in a different direction, between,”) + clamer “to call, cry out, claim”. Thus I separate […]