Chris Parkinson – Famous Poet (Creepy Fan Page)

Here’s a drawing of Chris I did at a really great drinking and drawing night some time in 2011 or 2012:


Here’s a poem I wrote about Chris the other day:



I can’t help but respect

The way you smoke through your eczema

All shingles and antiseptic

Steroids that don’t make you any stronger

Foolhardy and wiry

A special combination of

Sceptical barbs and genuine salted non-refrigerated butter

Rummaging in my pocket for some change

I realise it’s you

Sitting in the doorway

Eyes wild, hair matted

Coat too large and terrible for your wiry frame

“They’re wiry, but they’re tough!”

At first glance you appear to be

Surrounded by unexpected confetti

Wide-eyed in fearful surprise

On second glance it’s clear

You’re archiving

Paused mid note taking

Carrying out some essential file maintenance

On your pocket archives

Arrange your collected fragments

Into a semblance of coherence

Oh it’s so true what they say

You can’t spell pockets

Without poets, CK.