Why do birds

The ninja in my heart

Races into crazy orbit

Foot stamping eye rolling carnival

Banging his drum

Wearing his frightening mask

Why do birds

Why do birds

Chanting why do birds

And bed a memory

Crying and crying until his face a salted seabed of insanity

His tongue lolling as furious he runs in circles

Tighter and tighter circles

Squeezing my heart and from there

A slinky

A tornado

Not too affluent to be excitable

The mad rushes blow and blow

Just like me

Just like me

Somewhere a jungle drum is beating like my heart

Just because

Just because

Someone in another world is doing plain things

Normal things

Some humdrum nearby place

Not far from my heart

Where this commotion is

This slipping and sliding warrior

Battle mad and lost and hungry

You are near

And the footfall is incredible

Screaming for more they come from miles to see

They long

They long

They long to be

Whipping themselves up into a frenzy

This untrained army join the ninja in my heart

Drum their wild pattern

Like their most unwieldy battle cries

Just because

On their knees now

You are near

Hundreds and thousands of fighters untied

Just like me

They push and shove and shout

They sweat and cry out

They long

They long to be

It can be hard existing with these jungle drums

With these tightening masks

Standing in

Between these worlds

Close to you