Your Mother

This rock and roll lifestyle lacks rock and roll

Makes up for lost time as an internet troll

Isn’t naming a baby a strange thing to do?

When my cap’s in my hand I’ll come crawling to you

When you’re bored

And you’re waiting

For things to come right

Make music and dancing! Make love and then fight!

Fight with your strawberry dress on my poppet!

Keep fighting when good people tell you to stop it!

Oh don’t shut up keep talking

But listen as well

You might hear the ships coming in on the swell

The ships carrying all of your favourite friends

Do they really exist?

Well you see it depends

Oh Cartesian doubting and paranoid tactics!

Mankind mocking love

A Shakespearean slapstick

Holier than thou more lighthearted than earnest

Is this making sense am I being dishonest

Your pals on the boat – they’re looking quite queasy

Catching their eyes has been far from easy

Isn’t it odd, now how can I put this

Seems your treasure was lost just off the coast of Biarritz

And the clowns who took it

They were wholesome but crooked

They told us you see

That they dance on the sea

And they dropped all your trinkets which sank to the floor

While your mother was standing right there at the door

Saying won’t you come in, oh won’t you come in?

Won’t you come in for some tea and a bun?
You’re all more than welcome as friends of my daughter

Oh please do come in from the cold on the water

There are ghosts in canoes on the ocean tonight

(There really were ghosts, your mum wouldn’t lie)

They all whispered sorry as they passed going in.

And so said your mother, well what would you rather?

Would you rather your dad was mad bad or sad?

And they felt so confused thought she must be hungover, drunk or distressed

They flew back to the boat while your mum she got dressed

Having washed all their feet with her wonderful hair

Her rock and roll lifestyle can hardly compare

Now she’s standing again and she’s waving to you

Singing isn’t naming a baby a strange thing to do?

Isn’t naming a baby a strange thing to do?